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Dear Ashley,

Every single waking day as I open my eyes, I see a glimpse of what heaven looks like. The light that touches your hair as it falls off your shoulder. A simple kiss on your cheek brings you the biggest smile and I in turn beam with my own happiness. As humans we are in this continuous journey, a chase, if you will… Well, in you, I have found this forever bliss. I know what true love is and I am gracious in your presence.  Happiness is traveling this life with your hand in mine.

I cherish the seconds with you.

Everyone says life goes by quickly. Don’t blink or you will miss a moment.  I disagree. Simply because every breathe I am living to the fullest with you by my side. I can joyfully reflect on each memory with you and hold on to it as if it were yesterday. Maybe it’s because of the photo albums, or the memories hung in frames all over our home. Or maybe, it is just your smile that brings me right back to knowing how much you love me and our beautiful children.

Raising boys is not for the faint of heart. Let alone 4 very energetic youngsters…But you make it look so seamless. You navigate their busy schedules with absolute precision where most would fold under the tasks of daily living. You thrive in difficulty. Your heart is everything good in the world all invested into bringing up gentle souls with powerful minds. I am in absolute awe to see how they look up to you. Their eyes light up with the purest of joy and honor. They will be your protectors as they grow. It is beautiful to witness first hand your bond, their bond, and our bond strengthen as each day passes.

Thank you for pushing me to be a better man. A better human. A better partner. A better father. Your role in my life is beyond measure. And your role in our littles live’s is something I look up to. A leader. A caretaker. A comforter. A healer. A mom.

So thank you for showing me happiness. For allowing me to be my imperfect self. And for showing me true, unconditional, never ending love.

To my Sunday morning in every week. I love you.


To my Sunday morning in every week. I love you.

– Jonathan

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