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I feel so blessed that I was able to travel to the Amalfi coast of Italy to shoot Stephanie and Patrick’s destination wedding.  The culture was so welcoming from the hotel management to the home cooked pasta that was made from the back kitchen of a grandmother’s home.  I was blown away.  Not to mention the scenery was pretty good too!  This beautiful couple actually booked me to photograph the pre party, the wedding day, and the day after tour with their closest friends and family on Isle of Capri. We sang, we danced the streets of Positano, and we shared amazing moments with amazing people. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Beautiful people, beautiful landscape, and most of all, beautiful friendships and love throughout.  I will remember this first Italy wedding forever.

He has an eye for incredible shots, so trust him! It may look like a simple door or a tree but through his lens the results are phenomenal. He is not afraid to climb, jump, crawl, or swim to get the perfect shot.

– Stephanie & Patrick
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