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I love it when couples ask me to go on a journey with them for photography.  Jaleesa and Jermaine actually met in Baltimore and wanted to make their engagement photos meaningful to them by revisiting some of their favorite locations in and around the city.

They flew me in on a Saturday morning and I had a blast hanging out. (I even met most of the bridal party while Jermaine finished up his fantasy football draft.) We had a couple beers, played some corn hole, and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine with some of their closest friends and family. We then went on to eat at an amazing seaside restaurant where they treated me to my first authentic Maryland crab cake. It was beautiful!  The following day we toured all of their favorite spots.  We danced on boardwalks, tried crab guacamole for the first time, found out Old Bay seasoning is put on everything in MD, enjoyed high end cocktails at roof top lounges, and even stopped into their former work place to catch up with some old friends.

Jaleesa and Jermaine are so happy together and despite their love for different NFL teams, you can tell by their smiles that they are meant to be! I truly had a blast and can’t wait to celebrate their wedding day on Clearwater Beach this upcoming year!




I knew when I saw Jonathan turn something completely ordinary into a beautiful work of art that he was going to shoot my wedding day.

– Jaleesa & Jermaine

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