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Monica and Jody are two of my favorite people on the planet.  We met up in Chicago for their engagement shoot where we toured the town and explored the best Chi town has to offer.


Without ever meeting before, they flew me into their hometown, picked me up from the airport, introduced me to a ton of their close friends, and even let me crash at their place during the 3 days I was in town.  We laughed about how they invited a complete stranger into their home, but quickly we became lifelong friends within this fun filled engagement shoot.  I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to explore the windy city with.  We had an absolute blast!


Thanks for showing me around Chicago and cannot wait to meet up again soon for a beach side cocktail or a rooftop Chicago terrace beverage.  Love yas.








I cannot thank Jonathan enough. We appreciate him so much for the images he captured on our wedding day. I was so excited to get the photos, I could barely sleep!

– Monica & Jody

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  • Monica Nelluvelil says:

    Your creative and unique vision makes you one of a kind. We were so pleased with the wedding and engagement pictures.They were truly breathtaking. I will never forget how hard you worked to get us the pictures so fast.

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