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Are you looking for the perfect setting for a romantic and magical wedding day? Look no further than Bridle Oaks Barn in Deland, Florida! This stunning barn wedding venue is the ideal spot to make your special day even more unforgettable. With its rustic charm and incredible natural light, it’s a dream come true for wedding photography and the perfect backdrop for your country-style celebration. Not only that, but the owner of Bridle Oaks Barn is one of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet, making the entire wedding planning process a breeze!

Amabel and Saben were the perfect couple to photograph on their wedding day. It was so easy to work with them and you could tell they are truly in love in all ways. With both the bride and groom being artists themselves, putting these two in this epic setting was any wedding photographers dream.

Every time I get to work at Bridle Oaks Barn in Deland, Florida, I fall in love all over again.

OH MY GOSH…. I’m shocked!!!!!! I knew they were going to be good… but not this good!!!! Wow Jonathan you are a true artist…. These are phenomenal!

– Amabel & Saben

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