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When it comes to cell phones, iPads, and tablets during an actual wedding ceremony, the basic run down is that they are a huge distraction.  I know we live in a digital age where instant gratification is always a need, but for this one day, this one event in a couples life, I wish it were just slightly different.  It’s so sad to see a father walking his daughter down the aisle and giving her away to the man of her dreams, yet the man of her dreams cannot even see his bride because of the people leaning into the aisle trying to capture this moment on an iPad or Phone.  I cringe as I see this because it happens all too often.  Instead of being present people are locked into the back of a screen.

When hiring a professional wedding photographer, you are specifically commissioning someone to capture these special moments in time, so that family and guests can simply live it and be in the present.  This is why I started offering a discounted rate for “unplugged weddings.”  (Unplugged meaning NO cell phones or the like at the wedding ceremony) I want the bride and groom to look out and see their closest family and friends faces and all the reactions that go with it.  The tears, the laughs, the smiles, and the beautiful attire. The moments that will give us goosebumps many years later in looking back at our wedding day.  The moments that matter. I truly don’t want them to look out and see a mirage of Apples in the air from the back of 200 phones.

I am a photographer that can work in any situation and adapt to any environment, cell phones or not. At times I even shoot through cell phones at the reception to get fun effects.  But if I had a choice, I’d love to walk into a wedding ceremony and capture those unforgettable candid moments of the guests reactions, and not the flash of a distant phone.  For a fraction of the day, just put it away and really enjoy every second without the pressure to get the shot or post something right away.  I promise, I will get the shot and many more if this one formal request takes place.

A simple announcement from the officiant at the beginning of the ceremony goes a long way.  Many couples are also putting signs up along the aisle to remind guests to be in the moment and to turn the phones off.  It’s a simple request that will make a world of difference. Go unplugged. You will thank me later.

And I will leave you with this…At the reception lets have a little fun! Break out as many phones as you want and lets make some magic happen!


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